Helpful shortcuts for developers

Being a developer, we work with online code editors for testing functionality in an isolated environment or maybe for exploring a package and create a number of repositories based on the projects we work on. The below-mentioned shortcuts help you to make that process fast.

Online Code Editors ⇒ Create a new project online with CodeSandbox. ⇒ Create a new React project online with CodeSandbox. ⇒ Create a new vue.js project online with CodeSandbox. ⇒ Create a new Angular project online CodeSandbox. ⇒ Create a new Svelte project using CodeSandbox.

Version controllers ⇒ Open new GitHub Gist. ⇒ Open a new Bitbucket repository.

Blogging ⇒ Create a new developer blog post using hashnode.

Bonus Tip

The above solution will not work if you want to run the code then replace the “github” with “githubbox” in the existing URL this will create a CodeSandbox with the repository which is opened currently.

I hope this article provides some value to you and increases your productivity. If you are interested in more .new shortcuts check here.

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